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Warrior Alpha QX4 Senior Composite Hockey Stick: 85: RH

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BLADE CURVE: Backstrom




QUICK STRIKE | Effortless loading that engages our most explosive, precision accurate release. The low kick-point extends from your bottom hand through the lower shaft and hosel. The all new Saber Taper maintains torsional stiffness during loading and release, controlling the rapid recoil and improving shot accuracy.

SABER TAPER | The Unique taper design creates a torsionally stiff extended mid-low flex arc, resulting in a more stable blade for improved accuracy. The reengineered sleek shaft and hosel design engages flex easily and releases quickly with precision accuracy.

TRUE 1 PHANTOM FEEL | A new True 1 piece stick with improved balance and responsiveness that significantly enhances feel and puck control

MINIMUS CARBON 400 | 400grade, high-strength, responsive, lightweight, flat carbon-composite weave design that enhances all of the stick’s construction technology features.

ERGO SHAFT SHAPE |The ergonomic contour shaped shaft fits comfortably and securely in your hands enhancing touch and feel for better deking, dragging, and shooting.

PRO GRIP | A tacky soft grip feel that locks your hands on place for optimum hand control.

Size guide

Picking the Right Stick:

With so many options on the market picking the right stick for you can be very difficult especially when first starting out. Listed below is a guide to help pick the right stick.

What to Look For:

The main decisions you need to make when selecting your stick are Stick Type, Stick Flex (Age Range), Stick Curve or Blade Pattern, Stick Kick Point and stick handedness (Left or Right Handed).

Stick Type:

Composite Hockey Sticks:

Composite Hockey Sticks are the lightest and best performing sticks available. They range from fiberglass composite hybrids sticks, which are the more affordable models, to full carbon fiber sticks which are the higher performing and more expensive items. If you are playing street hockey then this option would be far too expensive to consider. Likewise if you are a new player or buying for a new young player it might be worth thinking about a wooden hockey stick or sticking to the entry level composite sticks to start with and pick up a more expensive model as you improve and have developed the skill to take advantage of the higher end sticks.

Wooden Hockey Sticks:

The most affordable option available ideal for beginners an OK option for street hockey.

Stick Flex (Age Range):

Each stick is noted with a number that represents it’s Flex, you can usually find this along the top of the shaft.

The higher the number the harder the stick is to flex or bend. This is important as when hockey players shoot they will put weight onto their stick flexing it, the stick whipping back into shape on the players follow through is what gives a hockey shot its power.

So a player that doesn’t have the technique and strength to flex their stick wont get away as hard of a shot as they could with a stick they could flex. At the same time if a stick is too flexible for a player they may snap their stick. This is why the flex numbers are assigned to different age ranges, the below are rough estimates and don’t guarantee exact matches:

Senior Sticks:

  • Ideally for Ages: 14+
  • Player Height: 5’.5” +
  • Flexes Available: 75 - 102

Intermediate Sticks:

  • Ideally for Ages:   11-14
  • Player Height: 4’11” - 5’8”
  • Flex Available:   60 - 70

Junior Sticks:

  • Ideally for Ages: 7-11
  • Player Height: 4’4” - 5’.1”
  • Flex Available:   50 - 55

Youth Sticks:

  • Ideally fir Ages: 3-7
  • Player Height: 3.0” - 4’.8”
  • Flex Available:   35 - 45

Another way to select a flex would be to select one that is roughly half of the weight in pounds of the player. So for example a player who weighs 150 pounds would roughly benefit from a stick of 75 flex.

Picking the correct age range will also mean you will be getting a stick roughly the correct length. Most players will require a stick that when standing reaches to just under their nose when not on skates and just under their chin when on skates.

After a while some players will keep their sticks longer or cut them shorter depending on personal preference. All sticks from each age group will be roughly the same length (IE All senior sticks will roughly be the same length) so using the height and age guides above you should be able to select a stick roughly the correct size, however most sticks will need to be cut down to the desired size. Cutting down the stick will make the Flex rate increase (Make the stick stiffer) so it is important to pick the correct age group stick. For example, if you are in the height group for an intermediate stick and select a senior one you will probably have to cut it down quite a lot meaning the stick stiffness will increase significantly from the one listed on the stick and may mean the stick is too hard for you to flex.

Senior sticks have more variety when it comes to flex ranges as after you have stopped growing your preferred flex will be down to factors solely such as your personal strength and skill level. If you have the ability to use a high stiff rating stick (100 Flex) then you will get off a more powerful shot however if you do not have the strength or technique for this you would be better off with one of the lower flexes (75 or 85).

Stick Kick Points:

The kick point is the stiffest part of the hockey stick and this is where the stick will bend when a shot is taken. As mentioned above it is the stick whipping back into shape after being flexed that gives the shot it’s power. Different models of stick will have the kick point positioned at different points of the shaft and this gives varied effects on a players shot. When first starting out this isn’t too important as developing players will not yet have developed a style of play or preference and can experiment over time. More experienced players however might be interested to know the differences in the kick points to find a stick that suits their style of play.

HIGH KICK POINT: Featured on sticks such as the Bauer Supreme Models the high kick places the hardest part of the stick nearer the middle of the stick meaning more of the stick will flex. This means more of the stick will be involved in the propelling of the puck giving a more powerful shot but the shots can be slower to get off than with sticks with lower kick points. Players who like to hit big booming slap shots or big sweeping wrist shots tend to favour this kick point.

MID KICK POINT: Featured on sticks such as the Bauer Nexus Models the mid kick point places the hardest part of the stick slightly more towards the blade than the high kick point models. This gives the player a hybrid between the high kick point and low kick point models giving you a good all around stick.

LOW KICK POINT: Featured on sticks such as the Bauer Vapor Models the low kick point places the hardest part of the stick closer to the blade than the previous two models. This means this stick is able to whip back into shape quickly meaning your shots will be faster but not as powerful as the previous kick points. Players looking for quick snap shots tend to favour this kick point.

DUAL/VARIED KICK POINT: Featured on such models as the CCM RBZ the dual or varied kick points of the player the ability to let their hand positioning determine the kick point. The RBZ models tend to feature two kick points meaning that the kick point will change depending on whether the players bottom hand is higher or lower on the shaft.

Stick Blade Curve:

Each hockey stick can have different type of blade curve on them similar to how golf clubs have different angles and faces, however unlike in golf, hockey players use the same stick with the same curve on throughout the game. Each brand has a list of curves available that come with different benefits and draw backs so it is important to select the best overall blade for you. Similar to selecting a kick point when it comes to new players who have not yet developed a style of play or preference it is not important to caught up in all the details at this stage. It is recommended to start new players will the most average curves first and then look into a different curve once they have developed a preference. These curves are the Bauer P92, CCM P19, Easton E3 and the Warrior W03.

However, more developed players may want to take a look at the below to see what is available to help their game:

CURVE TYPE: These listed from “Heel” - “Toe” this is is the overall curve of the blade from heel to toe. A “Heel” curve is a flatter overall curve and a “Toe” curve has bigger overall curve. The heel curve offers you more control over your backhand whereas as the toe curve gives you more control over toe drags.

CURVE DEPDTH: This is the depth of the center of the blade or “blade pocket” where the puck is collared. A deeper heel pocket gives you more control and ability to handle the puck in tighter spaces but will be detrimental to your backhand shots and passes.

FACE ANGLE: This is how open the face of the blade is. A more open blade will help raise the puck during shots where as a closed face will help keep shots low.

BLADE SHAPE: Comes with either a round or square toe. The difference is that a square toe offers more blocking area and the round toe gives more puck control at the tip.

BLADE LENGTH: Length of the blade. Defensemen tend to prefer longer blades to help block shots and poke check whereas forwards tend to prefer shorter blades to help stick handle in tight spaces.

LIE: Finally, the “lie” is the angle the blade makes relative to the shaft. It’s is measured as a number between 4 and 8 and printed in front of the shaft (most curves for senior sticks are between 5-6 lie). With a proper lie, the bottom of the blade is flat against the ice when the player is holding the stick normally.

Below is a list of blade curves available. Not every curve is available on every stick as a lot of blade curves are only manufactured on the high end sticks

Curve Name Brand Curve Type Curve Depth Face Angle Blade Shape Blade Length Lie Strengths
P02 - Kronwall Bauer Heel   Open Square Long 7 Toe Drags & Slap Shot
P14 - Toews Bauer Mid-Toe 3/8" Slightly Open Round Medium 6 on SNR/INT but 5 on JNR Shooting & Toe Drags
P28 - Eichel Bauer Toe 1/2" Open Round Medium 5 Quick release, puckhandling & picking the corners
P88 - Kane Bauer Mid 9/16th" Slightly Open Round Medium 6 on SNR/INT but 5 on JNR Wrist Shots & Puck Handling
P91A - Staal Bauer Mid-Heel 1/2" Open Wedge Round Long 6 Top Shelf Shots & Deflections
P92 - Matthews /Ovechkin Bauer Mid-Toe 1/2" Open Round Medium 6 Toe Drags & Top Shelf Shots
P106 - Richards Bauer Heel 9/16th" Open Round Medium 6 Rising Shots & Saucer Passes
PM9 - Larkin Bauer Mid-Heel 3/8" Open Round Medium 5 on SNR/INT but 4 on JNR Even Puck handling & backhand shots
P19 - Nugent Hopkins CCM Mid 1/2" Open Round Medium 5.5 One timers, saucers passes & picking corners
P45 - Tavares CCM Mid 3/8" Slightly Open Round Medium 6 Wrist & snap shots
P14 - Duchene CCM Heel   Closed   Small   Stickhandling & Backhand Shots
P15 - Jones CCM Heel 1/2" Open Round Medium 5.5 Powerful & controlled shots
P28 - McDavid CCM Toe 1/2" Slightly Open Round Medium 5 Toe Drags & Top Shelf Shots
P29 - Crosby CCM Mid 9/16" Open Round Long 6 Accurate passing, good control, hard shot
P30 - Parise CCM Mid 1/2" Straight Round Medium 5.5 Stickhanding & Accurate shots
P38 - Forsberg CCM Mid-Heel   Slightly Open   Long   Quick release & accurate shot
P40 - Mackinnon CCM Mid 9/16th" Slightly Open Round Medium 5.5 Rising wrist shots
P45 - Tavares CCM Mid 3/8" Slightly Open Round Medium 6 Control & Accurate
P46 - Bergeron CCM Toe 1/2" Open Round Long 5.5 Puck Control
P19 - Fischer Fischer Mid Moderate Open Round Medium 6 All around blade
W01 - Lupul Warrior Mid-Heel Shallow Slightly Open Round Short 4 Even Puck handling & backhand shots
W02 - Lidstrom Warrior Mid-Heel Deep Open Square Long 6 SR, 5 JR Puck Control, Shot blocking
W03 - Backstrom Warrior Mid Medium Open Round Medium 5 SR Toe Drags & Top Shelf Shots
W71 - Pacioretty Warrior Mid Very Deep Open Round Long   Accurate passing, good control, hard shot
W88 - Zetterberg Warrior Mid Medium Slightly Open Round Medium 4 Wrist Shots & Puck Handling
W28 - Gallagher Warrior Mid-Toe Medium Open Toe Round Medium   Shooting & Toe Drags
W16 - Karlsson Warrior Mid-Heel Deep Slightly Open Square Medium   Puck Control, Shot blocking

Player Handedness (Left or Right Handed):

Hockey sticks come in left and right handed sticks. Right handed sticks will need to be held with the players right hand being on the lower part of the shaft with the blade being held to the players right hand side. This would be reversed for a left hand stick.

Some players who are right handed use right handed sticks however some use left handed sticks as they prefer their strongest hand to be on the top of the shaft. There is technically no wrong answer however when a player picks up a stick there will be a way the naturally want to hold it. If they want to hold it to their right hand side with their right hand lower on the shaft and their left hand on the top of the stick then the right handed stick is the best option and reversed for a left handed stick.




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Non Faulty Items

Non-faulty items must be sent back in their original packaging in an unused condition within 14 days of receiving the goods (This does not include items that have had custom work done to them at the customers request such as blade or chassis attachment, conversions etc as they are non returnable). They must be returned “As New“ and deemed in a re sellable condition by MDE Sports UK LTD Members of staff. The Customer will be responsible for returning the products back to the Showroom / Head Office address and would have to cover any postage costs incurred on all returns. A full refund of the item and original delivery charges will be sent to the customer proving the above conditions are met.

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After 14 days of receiving your items there is no longer a right to return non faulty items for a refund unless discretion is used by the MDE Sports UK LTD Management team.  If a refund is authorised at this point then, along with a re stocking fee of 25% of the item cost, the original delivery charges will be deducted from your overall refund amount.

Items purchased from our Showroom are not covered by Distance Selling Regulations.  Items cannot be returned unless they are damaged or faulty.

Faulty Or Damaged Items

Any damaged or faulty items reported within 30 days of the delivery date can be returned for a free of charge replacement or full refund including delivery charges and there will be no re stocking fee to return the damaged items to us. 

After 30 days of the delivery date a replacement will be the only option offered unless we are unable to provide a replacement or discretion is used by the MDE Sports UK LTD Management team. 

MDE Sports UK LTD are responsible for repairs, replacements or partial refunds for 6 years after your purchase date.  However after the first 6 months has passed it will be up to the customer to independently prove there is a manufacturing defect with the products by providing an independent report and failure to do so will result in no action taken by MDE Sports UK LTD.  The report must be from a registered expert and sent to our email address or postal address on the independent company’s official documents with a full breakdown of the issues or it will not be considered. Any product that is deemed to have become faulty through customer misuse rather than via manufacturing defect will not be eligible for a replacement or refund.

Please be aware that due to nature of the sports we supply MDE Sports UK LTD staff may request a photo of the damaged item at any stage to verify if the item is covered by any guarantee due to the type of damage that has been sustained.

Please see below for items that are not guaranteed:

Hockey Sticks, Shafts, Blades

These items are not guaranteed as they are of high risk of breaking through general usage.

Skates Damaged by Incorrect Sizing

If skates have become damaged due to a customer purchasing the incorrect size they will not be eligible for a replacement or refund.  This is only applicable to online sales as we are unable to select the correct sizes for you. We do our best to provide you with size measuring charts and other help but cannot guarantee correct sizing as help we can provide online and over the phone is limited and it will be the customers responsibility to check the fit is correct when the item is delivered prior to use. 

Damage due to incorrect sizing is very apparent and a customer may be asked to send a photo of a damaged skate if we suspect this to be the case. 

Any sizing issues of skates purchased at our showroom can be bought back immediately for a free exchange or refund (Provided the skates were tried on in store and we fitted you, if we did not have the opportunity to fit the skates then it would be the same process as the online purchases).  You must bring your original receipt with you or our staff will not be able to offer you a refund however an exchange may be offered.

Skateboards / Longboards / Cruisers

Skateboard custom setups are custom made item and cannot be returned.  Snapped or cracked boards cannot be returned as they are of high risk of breaking through general usage.

Certain Consumables

Worn items through general use are not covered.  This includes wheels and bearings or other ware and tear parts such as sole plates, astro nuts, rising pads, grip tape etc.

Any made to measure goods, any personalised goods, any goods that have been ordered specially and any underwear / base layer goods cannot be returned. 

CD's, videos, games and DVDs will not be accepted unless they are returned sealed in their original factory wrapping.

Magazines cannot be returned.

Any items of clothing must be unworn, all tags and stickers attached and in its original packaging.

Completing A Return

IMPORTANT ensure when returning products to us to please include a note that states your order number, name, delivery address and postcode as well as why your are returning the item and what action needs taking. If you are returning your item for a size exchange please include the size/item you would like returning to you. Without this we will not know who has returned the item or the action required and it cannot be processed.  We would suggest that you keep a note of your order number in case you need to contact us regarding your return. Please make sure to return your item in an unused and resealable condition, as new and in safe additional packaging for return transportation. Any damage to the item during return transportation will impact upon your refund/exchange.

All refunds will be required to be returned in / to the original method of payment.  This includes promotional vouchers and discount codes which will also be returned of the amount originally paid in this way only.

All refunds (With the exception of cash in our Showroom) will be keyed once we have possession of the returning items and can then take up to 7 working days to be returned to the customers account.  MDE Sports UK LTD will process any agreed refunds immediately however the transaction must go through the standard banking procedure before it reaches you, this is outside of our control and any complaints regarding this matter should be followed up with your bank.  Please note this is the same process when you make your payment and although your money will leave your account immediately it will go through the same process before reaching our accounts.


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