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Our Showroom Services

Please note we do not accept contactless payments at our Showroom.

We offer a large range of services exclusively at our Cannock Showroom (Opening times in our About Us section). Find below our services, pricing information and time scales.

Latest Arrival Times:

As a courtesy may we please ask that the below latest arrival times be observed and respected. If a service is asked for outside of it's latest arrival time then it is more than likely that the service wont be carried out and you will need to re visit us on another occasion. Please note our closing times on individual days as the times below are examples.

Skate Sharpening At least 10 mins before our closing time per pair of skates. So if we are closing at 18:00 please arrive before 17:50 for 1 pair, before 17:40 for 2 pairs, before 17:30 for 3 pairs etc.

Skate Fitting/Skate Baking/Spot Stretching At least 30 mins before our closing time per pair of skates. So if we are closing at 18:00 please arrive before 17:30 for 1 pair, before 17:00 for 2 pairs, before 16:30 for 3 pairs etc.

Full Hockey Kit Fitting At least 1 hour before our closing time per person. So if we are closing at 18:00 please arrive before 17:00 for 1 person, before 16:00 for 2 people etc.

Figure Blade Mounting This is a 24 hour service and the items will need to be left with us for one of our working days.

Skateboard & Scooter Services These have now been discontinued.

Please read the below for full information on each of our services.

Ice Skate Sharpening

An ice skate being sharpened

We can sharpen most types of ice skate blades including ice hockey and figure skate blades with a few exceptions such as side honed/tapered figure skate blades (Examples of side honed/tapered blades are Parabolic, Paramount and Gold Seal Blades. These are just examples and not an exhaustive list. Feel free contact us to see if we can sharpen your type of blades).

We sharpen to your chosen hollow and can often sharpen your skates whilst you wait. If our operator is busy serving other customers we may kindly ask you to wait until he's available or to come back to collect them later.

We charge £6 per pair of skates (Or Blades) unless this is the 1st time the blades have been sharpened (And the skates haven't been purchased from us) then the charge would be £8.

If you purchase a pair of skates from us we will sharpen them for the first time free of charge at the time of purchase.

Figure Skate Blade Mounting

We can mount figure skate blades onto either new or existing boots. This can be a longer process so we would require the boots and blades to be left with us for possibly up to 1 day/24 hours to complete.

If the boots and blades are both purchased from ourselves then we will mount the blades free of charge. If either has been purchased seperatley then we charge £15 to mount the blades.

The blades must be the correct size for the boot.

If other repairs are required to the bottom of the boot then this would incur a seperate charge.

Hockey Skate Holder Riveting

We can mount new holders, take old holders off and re revit with existing holders. This can be a longer process so we would require the boots and blades to be left with us for possibly up to 1 day/24 hours to complete

We charge:

  • £1.50 per standard rivet
  • £2 per copper rivet

Skate Baking

We can bake any thermoformable ice hockey skates using our official CCM Skate Bake oven. (Some hockey skates cannot be put in the oven, usually lower end skates, as they do not have the thermoformable plastics built into them). This can help lessen the breaking in period for new skates and help them feel more comfortable.

Please note that if you have your skates baked they cannot be used for 24 hours with the risk of damaging your skates if they are used within this time period.

If you have CCM skates we don't have a list of skate bake times for these items as they are only available in the product box. If you have this information please bring it with you or we may not be able to bake your skates. This can be similar for older Bauer models.

Figure skates such as Edea & Graf cannot be skate baked due to the ways they have been manufactured (See "Spot Stretching" below for adjustments that can be made to these skates). Jackson figure skates can be skate baked, however there are still a few entry level models that can't be baked as they don't have the leather outer soles.

We charge £15 to bake a pair of skates. The process takes roughly 25 minutes to complete and can be started as soon as one of our members of staff is free to assist you. If you purchase a pair of skates (That are able to be baked) from us then we can bake them for free at the time should you wish.

Spot Stretching

We offer spot stretching on figure skates ONLY. This is where we can heat a certain spot on a boot and then stretch it to create more volume in this area of the skates.

We charge £5 for each side of a boot we have to stretch.


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