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Bauer Nexus N2700 S18 Ice Hockey Skates: UK 10 / EU 45 / Box Size 9.5: EE

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Comfort meets performance with the N2700 Skate. Built for a high profile foot, the N2700 features a 3-D Trueform tech boot with comfortable, lightweight memory foam ankle padding

Product Details

Level: Performance

Ankle Padding: Lightweight memory foam

Tongue Construction: 2-piece 40oz felt with mid density metatarsal guard


Thermoformable: Thermoformable upper

Fit: High Profile Feet

Oversize: No

Size guide


When choosing a skate size there are three key elements to look into. The first is overall skate size, the second is skate width and finally skate shape/profile. Below we have put together some information to help you with this choice for the Bauer skate range. If you need any further assistance please don’t hesitate to contact us.



On our site we have made sure to provide where possible the official brand skate size, the European shoe size equivalent as well as the UK shoe size equivalent to make it easier to pick the correct skates for you.

Another method available is to measure the length of your foot by placing it on a piece of paper and drawing round it with a pen (Making sure the pen is perpendicular to the foot during drawing). After this, measure the length of your drawing along it's longest point (from heel to the end of your biggest toe). Below is a chart of Bauer skate sizes and the lengths of the inside of the skates. You can use this to match up the length of your drawing with the length of the inside of the skates and pick the best fit for you. We suggest repeating this exercise for both feet.

Please note adults should select a skate measurement up to 0.5cm bigger than their drawing to allow for breathing room. Where as a still growing child should take a skate length that is up to 1cm bigger than their foot measurement to allow for growing room. 

table table table

Skate Widths & Fit:

It is important to note the width the skates your interested in are listed as. Skate widths are noted by letters that range from C to EE. C being a thinner skate for narrower feet and EE being the widest possible. If you have wider or thinner feet it may be worth noting this as Ice Hockey skates tend to come as a D or R (For Regular) width as standard. You can get skates in these different widths but they often have to be ordered in.




The best method to work out your skate width at home is to take your foot drawing (As mentioned in the "Best Overall Size section) and measure the distance across the widest part of your foot.  Then if you divide your foot length by your foot width you obtain what is called your foot width ratio.  It is a rough method that gives you a general idea of which width will be best. The key thing to remember is that it doesn't take into account your instep size.

If you take your foot width ratio and compare it to the below image it should give you an idea of roughly which width would be best in which fit.

Using the image below you can see that if you have a width ratio above 3.0 your foot would be more suited to Low Volume boot like the Bauer Vapor in a regular or D width.  If your ratio is 3.0 or just either side then you could either opt to select a medium volume boot like the Bauer Supreme in a regular or D width or go for the Bauer Vapor fit in a EE width.

If your ratio is between 2.5 and 3.0 then you would probably find a medium volume boot like the Bauer Supreme in a regular or D width will fit best.  Again if you are very close to a 3.0 (Say a 2.9) you could opt to go for a Vapor fit in a EE width.  Also if your ratio is 2.5 exactly you could opt to go for High Volume boot like the Bauer Nexus in a regular or D width or to go for a Bauer Supreme boot in a EE width.

Finally if your ratio is less than 2.5 then you should opt for a Bauer Nexus fit in a regular or EE width.  If it is quite a bit lower than 2.5 then a Nexus fit in an EE width would be the best.

Again the ratio doesn't take into account instep so if you know you have a higher instep or have suffered from lace bite in the past you might consider sliding up the scale to accommodate.  For example if your foot ratio is 2.9 but you have a high instep it may be worth going to either the EE width in the vapor fit or sliding up to the Supreme fit in a regular or D width.

Hopefully this information is helpful as it is the best information would can present online and doesn't guarantee a perfect fit or accommodate personal preference but will hopefully at least point you in the correct direction.

Bauer Skate Ratio

Skate Shapes/Profiles:

Different skate models tend to have different shapes to them, so if you have a wider heel but a smaller ball of your foot it may be worth looking into a skate shape that will accommodate that. Here is how the ice hockey skate models shape out.

Bauer Vapor Low Volume Slightly Narrow Regular Regular Aggresive
Bauer Supreme Medium Volume Mid Mid Slightly Narrow Standard
Bauer Nexus High Volume Wide Wide Wide Standard
CCM Ribcor Low Volume Slightly Narrow Slightly Narrow Regular Standard
CCM RBZ High Volume Wide Wide Wide Standard
CCM Tacks Mid Volume Mid Mid Mid Aggressive
CCM Jetspeed Low-Mid Volume Slightly Narrow Mid Mid Aggressive
two feet two feet two feet

Skate Baking:

Entry level ice/inline hockey skates can be broken in within a few sessions however the higher level models are often a lot stiffer to offer more support meaning they are harder to break in.

One way to speed up this process is to have your skates baked. This process involves heating up your skates briefly so that they are soft.  You then put your skates on and leave them to harden again so they form more to your foot.  This should only be done by a professional store/rink with an official skate bake oven.  Doing this yourself at home will void your warranty.

You should really aim to bake skates that are listed as "thermoformable". These skates have thermoformable plastics inside the upper part of the skates that when heated become moldable.  Skates without this plastic wont receive much benefit from being baked.

Please note each time you bake your skates you take a little bit of the life out of them meaning they wont last as long as they would if you didn't bake them.

Below are a list of skates on the current market that are thermoformable.

X400 S150/S25 N8000/N2700 5092/9060 280/FT370 48K
X500 S160/S27 N9000/N2900 6092/9070 300/FT380 50K
X600 S170/S29 1N/2N 9090 The Jetspeed/FT390
X700 S180 AS1 FT1
X800 S190 Super/Ultra Tacks
X900 1S/2S

Understanding Skate Sharpening

Every pair of Hockey or figure skates purchased from us have the option of having the first sharpen done for free by us at your chosen radius! To have your skates sharpened to your specifications either let us know when you buy your skates in our showroom or specify your radius when ordering the skates via drop down boxes on the individual items on this site.

For information and help on selecting the correct radius for you please see the below article.

Radius Explained

EVOLUTION SKATES would like to help players understand the technical side of sharpening to better determine what is the right fit for them.

The radius may be the most important thing regarding skate sharpening, yet also the most misunderstood. Most skaters don't know about setting up for a custom radius to suite your specific skating style. However, even minor changes in the radius will make the skate react and feel very differently. Therefore, we thought we would take a short bit of time to explain this to people if they are interested.

What is the Radius?

The radius is sometimes referred to as the hollow or groove. I'm willing to bet that you were never asked by a local shop or rink what radius you would like ground onto your skates!! That's partially because a lot of the people working there don't understand it properly. Also, the skate shops & rinks don't want to take time to readjust and re-dress their wheels to a new radius. this results in using up the wheel much more quickly, again cutting into their profit margins! So, most skate shops simply leave their diamond dresser set up at a "mid-point" around 1/2" which is a 8/16th" radius.

A SMALLER RADIUS results in a "deeper hollow", more pronounced tips, a "sharper" feel (we'll address sharpness next), and more edges (surface area). With more surface area in contact with the ice, the skater feels more grip, but also results in more drag (slightly slower).

A LARGER RADIUS results in the opposite: a more "shallow hollow", less pronounced tips, a "no so sharp feel", and less surface area in contact with the ice. This gives the feeling of less grip, but also gives much less drag (faster).

What is Sharp?

If someone makes a comment after a new sharpening that their skates aren't "sharp", what they really mean to say is that "This skate does not have enough edge to suit my skating style". Olympic speed skaters actually have their skates honed with no radius (just flat). They are looking for maximum glide. Obviously they have to be extremely careful in corners without the benefit of even a small radius to help in grabbing the ice (that is why when they fall it is almost always during a cross over in a corner). But, don't ever think these skates aren't sharp!

What Size Radius is Right for Me?

So, the all important question becomes: "What radius should I have on my skates?" The local shops & rinks don't even ask you what you want. Instead, they just stick with one size and sharpen all their skates to that size. When it comes to radii, one size does NOT fit all! There are many different things to take into account in determining the proper radius. Even after settling on one, you may want to make small adjustments on subsequent sharpenings to "fine tune" to your personal taste.

The factors that go into determining your radius include weight, skating style (skater assignment), and ice temperature, and skill level. We will look at these in more detail here.

WEIGHT- An extremely light skater can tolerate very small radii (deep hollow). Because of their lighter weight, they do not cause the skate to "dig" into the ice as much. A heavy skater trying to skate on a small radius will bite into the ice so hard they will have trouble stopping without chatter or going over the top of their skates. They will also lose glide to excess friction and be working harder. Of course, they will hold a very tight turn! Based upon weight, a general starting point would be as follows: very light (6/16th"); average (10/16th"); heavy (12/16th"); hockey goalie (14/16th"-20/16").

HOCKEY PLAYERS- 1/2" or 8/16th" Is the most common radius used however forwards will generally prefer smaller radii than defensemen of the same weight. According to a recent study of all NHL players 47% choose to skate on a 1/2" = 8/16th" ROH. The next most common ROH in the NHL is 5/8" = 10/16th" ROH. Goalies continue to have very large radii to "kick out" the puck without catching an edge.

FIGURE SKATERS: - Kids under 60lbs usually skate on 6/16th" radii. A 7/16th" radius will take care of most skaters above this. When in a professional program, it is best to discuss proper radii with the instructor, based upon the type of programs they will be performing.

RECREATIONAL SKATERS: - Again the most commonly used radi is 8/16th" but some skaters may prefer more glide and may prefer a 10/16th". Again this comes down to personal preference.

BANDY: Skaters prefer very shallow hollows to permit more glide, due to the increased skating times and larger playing surface.

ICE TEMPERATURE-Optimum ice temperature for a rink is usually around 25 degrees Fahrenheit. Temperatures from 17-23 is considered "hard hockey ice". 25-26 degrees is considered good figure skating ice. Usually on colder/harder ice, people prefer a slightly smaller radius (and vice versa)

SKILL LEVEL-As people get advanced and along the professional ranking, they tend to use smaller radii, as they have the combination of leg/ankle strength and talent to "get away with it".



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Items purchased from our Showroom are not covered by Distance Selling Regulations.  Items cannot be returned unless they are damaged or faulty.

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After 30 days of the delivery date a replacement will be the only option offered unless we are unable to provide a replacement or discretion is used by the MDE Sports UK LTD Management team. 

MDE Sports UK LTD are responsible for repairs, replacements or partial refunds for 6 years after your purchase date.  However after the first 6 months has passed it will be up to the customer to independently prove there is a manufacturing defect with the products by providing an independent report and failure to do so will result in no action taken by MDE Sports UK LTD.  The report must be from a registered expert and sent to our email address or postal address on the independent company’s official documents with a full breakdown of the issues or it will not be considered. Any product that is deemed to have become faulty through customer misuse rather than via manufacturing defect will not be eligible for a replacement or refund.

Please be aware that due to nature of the sports we supply MDE Sports UK LTD staff may request a photo of the damaged item at any stage to verify if the item is covered by any guarantee due to the type of damage that has been sustained.

Please see below for items that are not guaranteed:

Hockey Sticks, Shafts, Blades

These items are not guaranteed as they are of high risk of breaking through general usage.

Skates Damaged by Incorrect Sizing

If skates have become damaged due to a customer purchasing the incorrect size they will not be eligible for a replacement or refund.  This is only applicable to online sales as we are unable to select the correct sizes for you. We do our best to provide you with size measuring charts and other help but cannot guarantee correct sizing as help we can provide online and over the phone is limited and it will be the customers responsibility to check the fit is correct when the item is delivered prior to use. 

Damage due to incorrect sizing is very apparent and a customer may be asked to send a photo of a damaged skate if we suspect this to be the case. 

Any sizing issues of skates purchased at our showroom can be bought back immediately for a free exchange or refund (Provided the skates were tried on in store and we fitted you, if we did not have the opportunity to fit the skates then it would be the same process as the online purchases).  You must bring your original receipt with you or our staff will not be able to offer you a refund however an exchange may be offered.

Skateboards / Longboards / Cruisers

Skateboard custom setups are custom made item and cannot be returned.  Snapped or cracked boards cannot be returned as they are of high risk of breaking through general usage.

Certain Consumables

Worn items through general use are not covered.  This includes wheels and bearings or other ware and tear parts such as sole plates, astro nuts, rising pads, grip tape etc.

Any made to measure goods, any personalised goods, any goods that have been ordered specially and any underwear / base layer goods cannot be returned. 

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Magazines cannot be returned.

Any items of clothing must be unworn, all tags and stickers attached and in its original packaging.

Completing A Return

IMPORTANT ensure when returning products to us to please include a note that states your order number, name, delivery address and postcode as well as why your are returning the item and what action needs taking. If you are returning your item for a size exchange please include the size/item you would like returning to you. Without this we will not know who has returned the item or the action required and it cannot be processed.  We would suggest that you keep a note of your order number in case you need to contact us regarding your return. Please make sure to return your item in an unused and resealable condition, as new and in safe additional packaging for return transportation. Any damage to the item during return transportation will impact upon your refund/exchange.

All refunds will be required to be returned in / to the original method of payment.  This includes promotional vouchers and discount codes which will also be returned of the amount originally paid in this way only.

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Comfort meets performance with the N2700 Skate. Built for a high profile foot, the N2700 features a 3-D Trueform tech boot with comfortable, lightweight memory foam ankle padding

Product Details

Level: Performance

Ankle Padding: Lightweight memory foam

Tongue Construction: 2-piece 40oz felt with mid density metatarsal guard


Thermoformable: Thermoformable upper

Fit: High Profile Feet

Oversize: No